Gwen Stacy (missgwenstacy) wrote,
Gwen Stacy

Private RP with britainshero

Gwen had been looking forward to her spring break ever since Brian offered to fly her out to see the Manor. She had been Brian many times over in New York, but she was excited to spend time with him on his side of the ocean. The couple of - well, perhaps they could call them dates now - dates that they had in New York were absolutely great. Gwen was hoping it would be even better with neither of them working. Well, at least not that she knew. There was always a chance that he'd have to zip off and be Captain Britain.

The flight over was great and so was the ride to the Manor. Gwen found herself wondering how she found herself in this situation. Not everyone was personally invited over to a manor for spring break. Still, even if there wasn’t a manor to see, she’d be happy to spend the time with Brian.

Tags: what: england, who: brian braddock
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